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All our team members have great knowledge and experiences about all type of timber floors. They love to communicate with customers to ensure jobs finished appropriated. From choosing colour, materials, or species to buying with sustainability in mind, you need a lot of homework. We help you understand everything about getting your floor boards right from the ground up. We’d like to listen, and help you choose the one suits your needs from all complicated stuff.
Walnut has unbelievable beauty and characteristics that you cannot find in other hardwoods. When you’re looking through hardwood flooring options for your space, you have to consider both the color and character of the wood you will be installing. Walnut has some of wood floor shop near me the best grain characteristics of any hardwood available and can really help your home to feel warmer and more elegant. Walnut is slightly darker than some hardwoods, but through stains and different finishes you can bring out both the grain and walnuts true beauty.

Ausquare timber floors stocks large ranges of Laminate, Bamboo, Engineered timber flooring and Solid timber flooring. We only select the products with high quality standard and from strong positive reputable suppliers. Red oak scores a rating of 1290 on the Janka Hardness Scale and is arguably the most popular species in the domestic hardwood category. The color scale found in red oak planks range from light, reddish-pink to earthy shades of brown.
We offer a great number of timber flooring options in Brisbane using various oak types, grades and colors. We are a family business dedicated to a tradition of providing our customers with the very best in quality, selection, and service. We work with residential and commercial customers and give warranty for our job. The Engineered timber floor is a wise choice; it not only offers the quality of solid timber floors but is also greater value.
WR Timbers stock over 45 Australian and international timber species to assure you will find the right wood for your needs. Extra wide and extra long boards give another feature of timeless luxury. Every board has unique beauty presented by cracks, knots and tight wood grain that make unique patterns on each board. Other natural characteristics such as small knots, grain variations, gum, sap, and mineral marks will also be present. This 12mm laminate flooring feels firmer to walk on than 8mm laminate flooring. This product drops and locks right into place with no beating or banging. It allows you to quickly and easily install without damaging the planks.

Electrodry’s Timber Refresh and Timber Restore are great options for floors that have small scratches, are worn, discoloured or have a build-up of grime and cleaning solutions. These services are one-day options, and can give you a brilliant finish for a smaller cost than sanding. We want to give you all the options to get your floor looking great again, and sanding is an important part of that! Electrodry Wood Floor Sanding is the best option when your floor is significantly scratched, unevenly worn, or just needs some serious work to have a new lease on life. We are the only company in Australia that provides non-sanding wood floor refinishing services . This means we can provide you with a range of options to refinish your floor that suit your circumstances and budget. Beau floor highly values client’s satisfaction and providing the most professional and efficient customer service has always been our number one goal.
Solid and engineered timber floors will both last a number of decades, depending upon how you use the space where the floor is to be installed. Solid wood floors have been in use for centuries, by both rich and poor. The European elite could afford to lay their timber floors in intricate patterns, or carve designs and murals into timber blocks. The poor and middle classes were still able to afford timber, but typically laid their floors in simpler arrangements. Artisan Collection These timber floors typically represent more handwork and a number of different types of timber such as European oak as well as Holly Oak and Teak.

Darker hardwood floors have proven the test of time and continue to be a popular choice for many different homes today. greenearth™ products are distributed in Australia by Golden Field Corporation Pty Ltd. Established in 1997, they are now one of Australia’s leading timber flooring supply and distribution companies. their floors are made using the latest European machines and technologies. They are committed to using sustainable materials in all of their products and have passed timber legality verification of legal origin of wood developed by the FSC . At Golden Field, their ambition has always been to provide their customers with high-quality products and at competitive pricing.
HanWood Design offers durability and performance features designed to keep up with the rigours of Australian family life, while remaining a cost-effective flooring solution. Featuring an AC3 abrasion rating and a 20-year residential warranty, HanWood Design 8mm laminate flooring can be installed in the busiest areas of your home. Install in your bedrooms and highly trafficked spaces such as entertainment areas, lounge rooms, dining rooms and hallways. Our laminate flooring is Full edge wax sealed for moisture resistance and noise transfer reduction. AC4 laminate flooring is a unique classification combining both residential and light to medium commercial usage. All Havwoods flooring products are designed for alternative use as wall cladding panels. Simply have your favourite product delivered, and install as cladding to create feature walls with personality.

Images of product displayed on electronic devices may vary from the actual product, thus it is essential that you view these in person before final selection. Full installation rate including standard underlay, moisture membrane, matching scotia beading and transition trims is approximately $30m².
Free delivery within 20 Km minimum 23 box, a longer trip will calculate and add to your invoice. 2) Water Damaged or weathered floorboards may require replacing or may affect the even-ness or tone of the final result. Electrodry uses a dust capture system that collects the great majority of dust we produce.
Royal Oak Floors prides itself on providing innovative, original timber floor products unlike no other available in Australia. American Black Walnut heartwood ranges from light to dark chocolate brown in colour, sometimes with narrow streaks with a purplish or darker brown tone. Black walnut is a finely grained timber, often with attractive swirls and wave patterning, especially around knotty areas. The heartwood lightens in colour as it ages, especially when it is exposed to UV light. We are a small family business in Melbourne, putting our heart in everything we do. We locally design, craft and sell solid timber furniture pieces of high quality and timeless aesthetics.

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