Acuchillar Parquet Madrid

For IEEE to continue sending you helpful information on our products and services, please consent to our updated Privacy Policy. Check out the latest additions to the category Preparing”: WAKOL MS 315 Cast Resin which comes with excellent adhesion properties on various materials and WAKOL MS Special Roller WAKOL Z 625 Levelling Compound characterized by very fast readiness for covering was launched in the product category Levelling”.
As the foam shows a very good resistance against water, fats, oils and aliphatic solvents it can also be used for the sealing of packaging of aqueous-based products for technical applications, glycols, oils, aliphatic solvents and solid filling materials.

Visitors can benefit from hands-on demonstrations of the new products - WAKOL MS 315 Cast Resin, WAKOL MS 262 Parquet Adhesive, firm-elastic and WAKOL MS 552 PVC and Rubber Adhesive. Continuous practical experience and the results of additional test cycles have shown: WAKOL PU 280 Polyurethane Primer has achieved a new level of product quality.
Regarding consumer protection, WAKOL MS 315 Cast Resin, WAKOL MS 262 Parquet Adhesive, firm-elastic and WAKOL MS 552 PVC- and Rubber Adhesive are all classified as „very low emissions. Wakols further business segments Industrial Adhesives and Sealing Compounds will also continue increase without change.

One of our top picks in Madrid.Catalonia Puerta del Sol is set in a magnificent 18th-century building in the historic center of Madrid, a few minutes from Puerta del Sol. The product can be used as a primer on new and old subfloors, firmly fixed adhesive residues, absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors.
Wakol GmbH develops, produces and very successfully sells laying materials, industrial adhesives and sealing compounds. It is 2 communicated rooms, choose design, exclusivity, luxury and comfort in the Deluxe Suite rooms of the Heritage Madrid Hotel. If you need a fuller training session or guided activities such as cycling, Pilates, body pump, yoga, etc., the Hyatt Regency Hesperia Madrid hotel has a special agreement with the Club Metropolitan Abascal, only 3 minutes' walk away from the hotel.
The prices at Catalonia Puerta del Sol may vary depending on your stay (e.g. dates, hotel's policy etc.). To see prices, enter your dates. All in all, Wakol offers acuchillado parquet madrid a refined and comprehensive product system with high demands for quality enabling parquet and floor layers to stand out by virtue of their skill and expertise.

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